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What is Counselling?

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What is counselling

If you are coming to counselling for the first time, it can feel a bit daunting. It's only natural to feel a bit anxious or uncomfortable about sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone you don't know. You have taken the first step on your journey by visiting my website and I'm hoping I can help you decide if you want to go further. 


You probably have some questions about what will happen in counselling sessions, or if you decide counselling, or my therapy sessions, are not for you. You may find the answers to some questions you may have here and, if you want to find out more, I am happy to answer any questions during a free 20 minute consultation. 

In the mean time, let me tell you a bit more about what counselling is and isn't. When we are going through difficult times in our lives, it can be helpful to talk about what we are experiencing. Sometimes, just speaking the words out loud can help is get our own thoughts in order and gain some clarity about how we feel and what we want. Often, friends or family can provide support to help us do this, but not always. Of course, the people who care about us want to help but it's not always so easy. Perhaps they are too close to us and their own feelings get in the way, or maybe their idea of helping is not the same as yours, giving advice when all we want is someone to listen. And what about when our relationships are part of our problems?

This is when counselling can help. I can give you a space to just be, to talk about anything and everything you need to without judgement and with respect. I won't tell you what you should do. Instead, I will work with you to help you explore how you feel and what you want, help you decide what you want to change in your life or within yourself and share some tools to help you do that. Counselling is not easy or a quick fix, but it can be extremely beneficial for those times when we feel stuck, don't know how to help ourselves, or have lost our way somehow.


You can read more about what counselling is in this link to the BACP information sheet and more about my approach to counselling here.

You can also visit my blog about getting the best out of counselling for more information.

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